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Secure Handling & Distribution
We have built our business and our reputation on delivering personal service to our customers. We stand by one to one interaction. When you deal with us you deal with one person who knows you, knows your business and knows your requirements and has the authority to give you what you want.
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Reliable transport that can handle your needs
Our fleet is big enough and varied enough to handle any cargo that you need to transport.

To ensure reliability our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards by our own mechanics in our in-house workshop. As added insurance, in order to cover the rare breakdown we have a mechanic on standby to quickly respond to any unforseen events.

So you can be assured that your cargo will get to its destination reliably and on time.
Secure handling and distribution
Our secure, custom-approved bonded yard in Revesby has a capacity of 150 TEU and from there we provide warehousing, short-term and long-term storage and distribution services. We handle both FCL and LCL cargoes, and consolidate and deconsolidate containers.

This reflects our commitment to service. We aim to provide our customers with a complete transport and handling service in the one place.
Competitive storage rates
We own our yard, so we do not have to pay rent to anyone, which means that our overheads are lower. As a result our storage rates are about one fifth of the storage rates in and around the port precinct.
The cashflow advantage of a bonded yard
Because we can take a shipment straight off the ship and put it into our bonded yard, the payment of duty by our customers can be deferred until they take it out. And because our storage rates are so low, this becomes an attractive option when you are managing your cashflow.
Quick access to sea freight for better delivery
We have real-time computer access to waterfront databases so that we can quickly access time slotting.

For you, this means pick-up when you need it and quicker and more reliable delivery.
Service Range
We pick up and deliver in the Sydney Metro area and Intrastate.
Experienced staff means better service
We have a tightly-knit operations team, with every one of our staff dedicated to providing a reliable, personalized service to our customers. We have experienced allocators to monitor trucks and scheduling. Our drivers are trained and know all aspects of pick-up, handling and delivery. All our trucks are fitted with two-ways and our drivers have mobile phones so that we can keep in touch, monitor what is going on and respond to unexpected events.

This means two things:
Firstly, from Point A to Point B we will handle your shipment personally and safely, and deliver it on time. Secondly, you can always find out the status of your consignment.
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