At JAS Transport Services, our modern fleet includes A-Doubles, B-Doubles, Side Loaders, Skels, Tipping Skels, Ramp Trailers, Flat Tops, Tautliners and Rigids and only recently added to our extensive fleet drop deck extendable (to handle all over dimensional loads)

Seamless Shipment Delivery

Because our vehicles are maintained by our own inhouse mechanics (we also have a mechanic on standby to quickly respond to any unforeseen events) you can be confident in our reliability to deliver your goods safely and seamlessly.

Our specialised fleet is also fitted with satellite navigation tracking – so you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done. Our trucks are also supported by a Transport Management System that ensures your shipment is delivered safely, on time and seamlessly.

Finally, JAS Transport Services’ skilled drivers ensure your containers are collected and dropped off with the highest levels of care.


Our Vehicles

Maintenance of the
highest standard

To ensure reliability our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards by our own mechanics in our in-house workshop. As added insurance, in order to cover the rare breakdown, we have a mechanic on standby to quickly respond to any unforseen events. So you can be assured that your cargo will get to its destination reliably and on time.

Discuss Your Transportation Needs

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions and queries you have might have about your transportation needs. We are dedicated towards our customers.